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Let’s get you started as quickly as possible:

Launch the App.
Touch the picture of a cat.
Tap the ‘Play’ button and you’re off!
During a game you can return to the home screen by selecting the ‘Home’ button.

A piece is selected by simply touching it and then moved by dragging your finger on the screen. When you move your finger away from the screen the piece is placed.

Pieces are joined when the piece being moved is placed next to it’s correct partner. Joined pieces will then move together when any of the pieces are selected.

When moving joined pieces only the selected piece of the joint pieces will be checked for new connections when placed.

When you complete the puzzle you can either return to the home screen or replay the current puzzle.

Simply close the App from the game screen. Your progress will be saved so that when you return you can pick-up from where you left off.

Depending on whether the App has been unloaded when you return you may notice the progress bar appear when you launch the App. If this is the case you’ll still be returned to where you were within a few seconds.

Want to save images and automatically share them with your friends and family? Then use Apple’s Photos App to create a new shared album, we’d recommend calling it something like Jigsaws to separate it from other shared albums you may have. Now any pictures that you upload to this album can be accessed from within Jigsaw Pictures and both friends and family you’ve shared the album with that have the App will also be able to create jigsaws from the same images.

If you like using the App but feel it is missing a killer feature that would make the game more enjoyable to you then please reach out to us via the Contact Us page. Our aim is to make the game that you want and unless you tell us we might not have thought about it.

http://localhost:8888/wordpress is a secure connection to our domain. This benefits you as it means that your actions can not be tracked by a snooping third party. More importantly any information you enter remains private to you and can not be intercepted as it is always encrypted before sending.

‘Jigsaw Puzzle Creator’ will always keep track of your three most recent games. Therefore you can return to the home screen and select a quick puzzle before returning to the harder one later. However should you play three or more different puzzles you’ll lose the progress of the fourth. Should you wish to keep a game until you decide to remove it then you need to pin the game by pressing and holding the most recent game you wish to keep.