Release Notes v1.7


  • Pieces can now either be scattered as before or ordered neatly in an item bar, held on the right of the screen.
  • ‘Floating Action Button’ (FAB), introduced – enabling more of the screen to be used by the game.
  • FAB in combination with the new item bar enables the puzzle pieces to be enlarged. This results in an average increase of 30% in their size when taken across all difficulty levels and compared with the previous version of the App.
  • New title screen and images. Images are of a higher resolution so better illustrates how you can select part of an image to use for the jigsaw creation by panning and zooming.
  • The number of pieces is now selected when the image is cropped. Before you had to return to the title screen having already selected a picture, which meant that you then had to reselect the image!
  • When using the item bar a ‘sorting’ screen can be opened by double tapping within it with two fingers. Pieces can then be dragged and dropped to change their order before double tapping again to return to the game. Note that by default this functionality is disabled but can be switched on via settings if desired.
  • Pieces can no longer be picked up by their tabs, you must select the body. This prevents a piece being selected when the intended piece is it’s neighbour, which may have caused some frustration when attempting to join pieces together.
  • Timer now resets to zero when a previously completed game is replayed.
  • Improved the algorithm used to rotate an image on the cropping screen. Previously for large images using this functionality was slow and on rare occasions returned you to the title screen to avoid crashing due to exceeding memory limitations.
  • Code modified to use libraries – enabling better code reuse. Various other changes to improve maintainability.