What May 2017 Brings...


Since our last update quite a lot has been going on. We’ve not only made a few changes to the App, we’ve also set-up a new website and relocated to another country! Unfortunately this has meant that we’ve not been able to include all of the updates we had planned for this release. However that doesn’t mean that they’re aren’t any and we’re happy that we’ve now built the foundation necessary to further enhance and support the App moving forward.

Version 1.4.1Update

  • Settings can now be configured for piece shape (classic or new), soundtrack (muted or not) and whether or not to hide the clock.
  • Offline help content has been revised. In addition we have revamped our website that provides further support - link provided within the offline help.
  • Upon completing a puzzle you can now send a tweet.
  • Restore button has been fixed - message wasn't displaying.

New Website

We don’t want you to feel that after downloading our App you’re on your own. We’re very keen to hear your feedback and want to make sure that our game is an enjoyable experience for you.

If you:

  • Feel the game is missing a feature that would enhance it let us know.
  • You don’t like the way we’ve implemented something then let us know.
  • You’ve found a bug then please let us know.
  • You have enjoyed completing a puzzle, let us know.

The website enables you to contact us from outside the App. So if you’ve got access to a web browser you can always reach us at number17.se – there is also a direct link from within the App in the ‘Help’ section.

App Transfer

As mentioned in the overview we’ve actually changed countries since our last release. This has meant that we have needed to set-up a new iTunes Connect account and transfer the App from our old account.

What does this mean to you? Well hopefully nothing, you should be able to continue to use the App uninterrupted just as you did before. However if the update does cause any issues for you please let us know as it is very important to us that this necessary change doesn’t prevent you from using the App. If you’re a little curious why we’ve relocated you’re welcome to take a look at the About Us page, which gives some detail.