Release Notes v1.4.0


  • The cutter used to create the puzzle pieces has changed – hopefully you’ll agree this makes the ‘look & feel’ more realistic, which in turn gives a better gaming experience. Lots of other changes around the UI to make the game flow smoothly between screen changes.
  • If you are playing music when the App is launched the in game music will now automatically be muted and you can enjoy your own sounds!
  • Helper image is now invoked from a button rather than tapping on the table. This prevents selecting the image accidentally when trying to complete a puzzle against the clock.
  • Prevented the possibility of dropping a piece (or pieces) off screen when working with larger jigsaws that provide an offset when a piece is selected.
  • Alignment of pieces is now pixel perfect regardless of the number of pieces.
  • A rare bug was trapped and removed. Previously dropping linked pieces in a specific location on the screen caused some random behaviour that resulted in the pieces being separated and moved to different locations on the screen – now gone!